​​​​​DFAP (Dr Franca Academy Program)

A 4 weeks online course. Enroll now: email info@drfranca.com

This program takes you through exactly what you need to know, understand and especially do to turn your life in to an exceptional one.  Join now and learn how to stop letting fear and indecision keep you from making the difference you were put on this planet for. 

Whether you are a beginner or experienced, DFAP will help you master the skills you need to make a difference in your life.  This course is offered three times a year - March, June and November.  To learn more and enroll, please email us at info@drfranca.com indicating which month you want to do the course. 

Course outline:

Business and Entrepreneurship skills

Leadership skills

Managerial skills

Communication skills

Problem solving techniques


Email: info@drfranca.com to get Dr Franca's ebook "Unique Me Unique You, A Guide to Build Your Self Esteem and Improve Your Self Confidence in One Week" for just $9.99 

To get the services of Dr Franca, Life Coach, Motivational Speaker and Natural Mentor.  Send an email to info@drfranca.com. Detailing the services you want.  We will respond immediately.

Online  Coaching

Speaking and training activities in conferences and meetings

Business Clinic

Relationship Clinic

Mentorship for Students and Young adults

Dr Franca Academy Program (DFAP)

Dr Franca Youth Empowerment Program 

Dr Franca Foundation is called  Young Women In Science Education and Technology (YWISET).   A foundation that supports  young girls and women who want a career in the STEM subjects get career guidance and mentorship. Her foundation amongst other things regularly organises presentations for schools and other interests.

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